The Killers’ Protest Song

Spike Lee directs Land of the Free

PROVOKR presents a portfolio of the starting, touching and inspiring images from the film. Spike Lee has returned for the third time to helming a protest song’s vital short film. Lightening strike in threes. Spike had been asked by Michael Jackson to direct a film for They Don’t Care About Us and for Public Enemy the film to accompany Fight the Power. Spike said of The Killer‘s Land of the Free,”It’s a great protest song.” Brandon Flowers of The Killers had reached out to him by phone and asked him what he could do. The result is powerful.

Brandon Flowers said,” We dishonor our values, our ancestors and our heritage when we tear gas our brothers and sisters seeking asylum.” The film and song are a pointed response to Donald’s Trump Presidency. The compilation film is composed of scenes predominately at the border wall and of asylum seekers. The American flags hangs ominously upside down from a desolate fence, we are up close with children and their families trying to seek a better life, and then tear gas breaks their waiting. You are suddenly frightened as people flee the tear gas including children and a father running with a baby and a stroller. The experience is immediately disturbing because of the bold truthfulness of the lyrics and the images.

land of the the free the killers