Sexiest TV Scenes Vol 2

The Hottest Moments from Girls, Queer as Folk...


BY: Matt Elisofon

PROVOKR presents our next Sexiest TV Scenes, Volume 2! We’ve packed this edition with more of the most shocking, revealing scenes made for television. We suggest you view these NSFW moments at home because they are strikingly explicit in their sexy content.

The glorious Robyn song, Missing U, is the seductive background music for these scenes from the hottest shows, past and present. Who can forget the famous tossed salad scene between Alison Williams and her lover in HBO‘s Girls? Or Emmy Rossum‘s Fiona-fied sex scenes in Showtime‘s consistently hot family dramedy Shameless? We’re particularly turned on by seeing the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult in Skins, one of his first adult roles, about the sexual depravity of teenagers in England. Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) and her lover Jamie Fraiser (Sam Heughan) make a return visit to olden Scotland for a hot ride in the sack. And Showtime‘s 13-year-old series, Queer As Folk with hot-as-hell Gale Harold is a welcome addition to our all-inclusive cluster fuck of fun!

For all of you devotees to PROVOKR’s Sexiest TV Scenes Series, stay tuned for Volumes 3 and 4 in the coming weeks. Enjoy!