Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington in Real Life

BY: Claire Connors

Strip off the armor, the furs, and angst, and what’s left are the faces of the actors behind the characters on Game of Thrones we all love…and in some cases, loath (sorry Lena and Aidan!). Yes, the show is deep and thrilling to watch, but these talented performers are why we keep coming back to this intriguing HBO series.

As we come to the end of this season, wondering what we will do when the show actually concludes in 2018, we can find solace in knowing these actors will move on to other projects. Here’s what we can look forward to.

Nikolaj Coster-WaldauNikolaj Coster-Waldau‘s crime drama, Shot Caller, just opened, and Domino, a thriller directed by the great Brian De Palma, co-stars Game of Thrones’ witchy woman, Carice van Houten.

maisie Maisie Williams has six films coming out in the next year, including X-Men: The New Mutants and Departures in which she plays a British teenager with a terminal illness.

kit harrington

Kit Harington plays the title role in the drama, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, along with Jessica Chastain and Natalie Portman.

natalieNathalie Emmanuel has two projects for us to look forward to: The Titan, a sci-fi drama, and the third installment of the Maze Runner franchise, The Death Cure.


Aidan Gillen will star in the cold-war drama TV mini-series, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, playing, what else?, the spy.

Natalie Dromer Sophie Turner has three upcoming films, including Huntsville, where she plays a high school student who develops a questionable relationship with a much older man (Dylan McDermott) and X-Men: Dark Phoenix in which she’s the star.

Lena Headly Lena Headey stars with fellow GOT actor, Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont), in The Flood, an immigration drama, and the comedy Fighting with My Family, playing the wife of Dwayne Johnson, a former wrestler with ambitious kids who dream of joining the WWE.

emilia clarkeBesides starring in A Star Wars Story: Untitled Han Solo Film (May 25, 2018), Emilia Clarke will play an Appalachian woman in the based-on-a-true-story thriller, Above Suspicion.

peter dinklagePeter Dinklage has five films and a TV series coming out in the next year. We’re most excited by Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the comic crime drama written and directed by Martin McDonagh (Seven Psychopaths).