Provocative Street Art

Leland Bobbé Shoots Against The Wall

BY: Jes Zurell

The accessibility of Instagram and its onslaught of filters have a way of making photography an integral part of everyday life. It has never been easier to slip halfway out of your shirt, snap a scandalous selfie, and tell yourself you have the artistic vision of Robert Mapplethorpe. The world is cluttered with visual noise. Attention spans cap at fifteen seconds. Only the rarest images make us stop, look, and feel – and when they do, it’s like putting on prescription glasses after years of stumbling blindly.

In the case of Leland Bobbé’s photography, the imagery in New York City Wall Art, his most recent body of work, illuminates details that millions of people have passed without noticing. The photographs capture the collaged effect of torn and layered posters on various walls around the city.

Certain photographs create frustration, a longing for the deteriorated pieces to be whole again. Others create a sense of violation where some careless pedestrian’s crayon scrawls mar the surface of a kiss. “Mouth Open” is a prime example of balance and restraint, capturing layers so wet and perfectly formed, one might assume it was intentional. The beauty is in the chance.

Bobbé’s work is magnetic because he rejects the filtered version of the story in favor of the supple, sensitive bits hidden underneath. The tourist traps of New York have been photographed millions of times, and yet through his unique perspective, they become more than fresh – they become art. As he explores the effects of New York minutes on its truest love – advertisements – the viewer gets the feeling the city has had a makeover.

As it turns out, age and models are a sexy combination when Bobbé frames the shot.


leland bobbe woman in shoulder pads


leland bobbe red splash


leland bobbe red shoe


leland bobbe one eye woman


leland bobbe green dress


leland bobbe madonna


leland bobbe mouth open


leland bobbe kiss