We’re Obsessed

LP astounds us. Get lost in her.

Above: "Lost On You" Video by LP

BY: Claire Connors

American singer and songwriter Laura Pergolizzi, better known as LP, is PROVOKR’s musical obsession! Not only has the lanky, tattooed, curly-haired musician released three albums—her newest is Lost on You—she’s also the genius writer behind songs performed by some of our favorite singers of all time, including Cher, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera.

The ukulele-playing soprano also happens to be the best whistler this side of…anywhere. Don’t believe us? Check out her video for the single, “Lost on You,” a breakup song about her ex-girlfriend Tamzin Brown. Oh, and in case you’re wondering who the cute chick is in the video, it’s her current girlfriend, Lauren Ruth Ward.

LP wraps up her tour in the US on June 12th in her current hometown, Los Angeles, jets off to Europe for the Summer festivals, and then blesses the US with her presence again in August and October, in case you missed her. Don’t miss her.