Angelina Jolie

The Sexiest Scenes of the hottest actress


The sexiest woman on earth—this is not up for discussion, by the way—is Angelina Jolie. In this PROVOKR Productions compilation of her most alluring scenes, we watch the bee-stung lipped beauty go from her earliest love scenes with then-husband Jonny Lee Miller in Hackers (1995) to the erotic, end-of-marriage sex scenes with now ex-husband, Brad Pitt in By the Sea (2015).

Whether she’s playing supermodel extraordinaire and lusty lesbian Gia Carangi in the TV movie Gia, or the unpredictably sexy lunatic Lisa in Girl, Interrupted (for which she won an Academy Award), the actress has been stunning us all with her powers of persuasion for over twenty-five years. In Original Sin, she seduced Antonio Banderas into—tragically—believing she was on his side, and in Mr. & Mrs. Smith she not only met her match with Pitt on film but in real life convinced him to leave his bride, Jennifer Aniston. The war between members of Team Angie vs Team Jennifer is still being fought today, and considering the outcome of the Jolie-Pitt marriage, the debate rages on.

In the meantime, enjoy Ms Jolie as her most exotic.