Nicole Kidman’s sexiest scenes

A PROVOKR Productions sizzle reel



Nicole Kidman‘s career has had its ups (her Academy Award-winning turn in The Hours) and downs (the ill-advised remake of The Stepford Wives), but one thing has been consistent across every one of the 50-year-old’s films: she’s absolutely beautiful in all of them.

While she stars in all kinds of movies, from comedies to thrillers and historical dramas, our favorite Kidman performances occur when her sexuality and raw magnetism are front and center for us to wistfully gaze upon. For proof of Kidman’s feminine power, check out PROVOKR Productions‘ sizzling short film of her most provocative cinematic moments, from Eyes Wide Shut to Moulin Rouge! and everything in between. Brace yourself for Nicole Kidman’s Sexiest Scenes.