Wild About Harry Styles

Gucci's New Stylish Rooster

Photographer: Glen Luchford/ Art Direction:  Christopher Simmonds

BY: Annie Baron and Tiffany Goldstein

Former One Direction vocalist Harry Styles has never been afraid to experiment with fashion. The singer has shown off his unique, visually remarkable panache ever since he left the group and became a solo performer. Styles has been seen dressed head-to-toe in Gucci from the stage to the red-carpet, so it’s no surprise that he is now the new face of this luxury brand.

The label just dropped their Fall 2018 Men’s Gucci Tailoring campaign featuring the impeccable tailored menswear being worn by Heartthrob Harry. The Italian designer and creative director, Alessandro Michele, took the reins of Gucci in 2015 and transformed the brand by bringing in a contemporary sensibility and diverse clientele. Michele is known for his colorful and floridly embroidered ensembles, which is right up Harry’s alley.

The campaign was shot by Glen Luchford and art directed by Christopher Simmonds at a fish and chip shop in North London. The photographic series features a very relaxed Harry Styles posing in a variety of Gucci three-piece suits, a Mohair jacket embellished with New York Yankees patches, and a Marseille jacket with an embroidered floral collar. And in case you don’t think Harry dressed in Gucci is swoon-worthy enough, the handsome singer accessorizes his romantic looks with adorable dogs and a pet chickens. Yes, actual chickens.

As the singer—and now model—shares his English cuisine of fish and chips with his furry friends, the Gucci brand Instagram account shares the reason behind the farm animals: “In a narrative sequence that echoes many famous photographs and scenes from British films, @HarryStyles brings his pet chicken and dog into the fish and chip shop. He orders and shares it with animals.”

While Gucci recreates a romantic British film with their breathtaking apparel, they are also taking men’s fashion to new heights. Michele’s menswear channels a chest-flashing sense of 70s ballsiness that no other brand can compete with.

Although this is Harry’s first campaign for Gucci, we’re sure it won’t be his last.

harry styles gucci pre-fall campaign


harry styles gucci in deli with dogs


harry styles gucci long plaid coat


harry styles gucci leaning on wall with plaid blanket and dog