7 Stylish Actors

From Tom Hardy to Jared Leto see fashion’s latest icons

Image Above: Tom Hardy; Cover Story Image: Donald Glover

BY: Amber Rodriguez

They may be on the silver screen but these Hollywood actor’s know how to dress and keep it fresh and are some of fashion’s finest.

houndstooth knit sweater with a leather-trimmed collar mixed with tweed and stripped trousers accessorized with his signature loafers and no socks.
 Donald Glover


Donald Glover, the actor, has develop a style unto his own that is unique and different to his rap persona Childish Gambino. Glover has a love of textures, colors, prints all with a nod to the 70’s fashion. In this classic Bottega Veneta look he wears a houndstooth knit sweater with a leather-trimmed collar mixed with tweed and stripped trousers accessorized with his signature loafers and no socks.

Gucci is one of Glover’s favorite designers and is not afraid to stray from the norm. He wears leathers, silk printed tops, velvet smoking jackets, mixed fabrics, stylish knits, and suits in an array of bold colors that are polished and playful.

Jeff Goldblum
 Jeff Goldblum


Few actor’s style has been commemorated like Jeff Goldblum’s has with a 25-foot statue at the base of London’s Tower Bridge in his famous open shirt look from Jurassic Park.

Yet at the age of 65, Goldblum has been a fashion favorite for over 30 years. His smooth, sultry look accompanied with his signature black horn-rimmed glasses has set style standards for men of all ages. A fan of Saint Laurent, Goldblum mixes a well-tailored blazer made of high-end fabrics with a cashmere turtleneck or fitted, tucked in polo shirt that feels like he just walked out of a jazz club.

Shown here in a Prada jacket and Tom Ford sweater Goldblum gives a nod to the greats of the past. He can be seen in rugged denim jeans, a white tee and a black leather jacket or he might give us a beatnik look of a turtleneck under a suede jacket, skinny trousers and a fedora. Always dapper, always cool Goldblum exudes style and sexuality that proves you can be fashionable at any age.

Actor Ryan Gosling in a Cranberry Double Breasted Suit sitting on a wooden cafe chair against a maroon and blue floral tapestry
Ryan Gosling


There’s little to say about Ryan Gosling’s style that hasn’t been said before. He’s cool, hip, a bit out there, dashing, polished, loves a good sweater, and an individual. Whichever Ryan Gosling you admire the most he is always dressed to impress.

Like many method actors Gosling tends to take on the personality he plays and that shows in his wardrobe. From Lars and the Real Girl he’s taken to wearing knit sweaters with a modern, artisan twist. Straight out of La La Land Gosling has shown he loves colored suiting and knows how to wear it as seen here in a cranberry double-breasted suit. He made an untraditional choice in a navy Ferragamo pajama shirt and white trousers that could have been worn by his cool character in Crazy, Sexy, Love. And with The First Man soon to come out Gosling continues to wear bomber jackets that fit just right. With all of these styles mastered by Gosling, all there is left to say is “Hey Girl…”

Jared Leto
Jared Leto


Jared Leto has been on the forefront of fashion since his teenage years. From the onset of the metrosexual to the hipster’s man-bun to the latest gender fluidity movement, he doesn’t just follow fashion, fashion follows him.

The Thirty Seconds to Mars lead singer baffles many with his maximalist style. Here he’s in a watercolored-inspired, embroidered jacket with rhinestone trim that only Leto can get away with while still look amazing. He isn’t afraid to mix clashing colors or prints, have outrageous hair styles in every hue or put the unthinkable together. Leto’s eclectic, avant-garde risk taker look may be the definition of “extra” but he’s a true, unparalleled fashion icon. 

Actor Tom Hardy Looking Sexy and Rugged in Green Army Jacket and Cool Necklaces
Tom Hardy


When it comes to fashion it doesn’t get much sexier than Tom Hardy. His casual, just-woke-up-like-this look not only is appealing but also shows he carries himself with a quiet confidence that you can’t get from a tailor.

When you think of Hardy you think of rugged and masculine. He brings out his inner lad with cargo trousers, vintage tees, layered flannel shirts and baseball hats. But the secret to Hardy’s look is in the accessories. He pulls everything together by throwing on a pair of aviators, leather bracelets, or a pendant necklace.

As is his acting style from the new Venom movie and the soon to be released Fonzo, Hardy’s looks can be as diverse as his roles. When it comes to the red carpet and wearing a suit he brings his A game. He’s mastered the Savile-style three-piece suit with a skinny tie and pocket watch. Hardy also knows the art of grooming by keeping his beard trim and accenting his best feature… his eyes.

Profile of Actor Riz Ahmed Looking Fashion Forward in Maroon Suit
Riz Ahmed


From his breakout role in The Night OfRiz Ahmed has brought a new meaning to laid back, cool. By wearing modern suiting with a relax feel the Rogue One star has shown he knows how to dress. With a slim frame Ahmed chooses smaller prints, layered looks, and tailored suiting to compliment his body.

Ahmed has taken to pairing monochromic looks with minimal footwear. The actor/ rapper also is a fan of well-made knits under blazers and mixing textures such as suedes, tweeds, and velvet. All of this put together with his love of neutrals and contrasting jewel tones has made him a fresh, modern man of style while still keeping it low key.

Photograph of Actor Henry Golding Laying in a Tub Wearing a silver metalic suit
Henry Golding


Henry Golding may have just appeared on our fashion radar in the blockbuster Crazy, Rich Asians but style is in his blood. Before turning our heads as the dashing Nick Young, Golding was a hairstylist in the early 2000’s at one of London’s top salons. After being discovered as a travel host for the BBC, his stardom shot to fame most recently having the coveted seat next to Anna Wintour during the Tom Ford Spring 2019 show.

Golding’s tall, muscular frame was made to wear a suit as shown here in a sliver jacquard print silver tuxedo. Not afraid of pastels, Golding wowed at a Singapore premiere also in Ford in a pink metallic jacquard jacket and to the US premiere a sky blue Tom Ford dinner jacket with silk lapels. When casual he is stylish as ever wearing vibrant stripes, cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, and tailored blazers that makes him the modern-day Cary Grant.