The Sexy Librarian

And her Kiss Me Quick's Erotica Podcast

BY: Claire Connors

There are many ways to get turned on. The first four senses come to mind: sight, taste, touch, and smell. But let’s not forget our fifth, and in our opinion, most erotic: sound. Is there anything sexier than a lover whispering softly what they want—and plan—to do your body? Which leads to the fact that podcasts are a natural for listening to erotica. Not to mention that sexy tales pouring out of your phone or computer can be listened to with your sex partner or when you’re flying solo. Win-win!

Two of our favorite podcasts/blog-casts come from the seductive mind of Rose Caraway, a writer with a damn hot voice and sexually active imagination. Fondly called The Sexy Librarian, she has been exploring mind-blowing erotica for years now on her podcast, The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica: Sexy Stories with Rose Caraway. Caraway and some of her equally audibly alluring friends read exciting tales by some of the best erotic writers on earth, spinning stories about love, lust, loss, and insanely sexy adventures, guaranteed to turn you on.

Caraway is also host to her Sexy Librarian’s Erotica Blog-Cast, an exciting, multi-topic podcast discussing the writing and producing of sexy tales, featuring other erotic authors offering tips to other writers on the process of creating stimulating short stories. So if you think you’ve got a good yarn to spin, this is the podcast for you!

You can also get Audible’s Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Vol. 2, a collection of 30 ear-burning, libido-stimulating stories read by the lovely Librarian and her hot guests. Grab your closest partner, and in the words of our favorite 60s cult guru, tune in, turn on, and…stay sexy!