Strictly Adult

The Vintage Magazine is Erotica At Its Best

BY: Claire Connors

Canadian writer, editor, and art critic, Sarah Nicole Prickett (above) is the founder of the briefly published but well-received erotic magazine, Adult. Two issues were produced In 2013 and 2014, shaking and stirring up the indie publishing world with its stimulating photography and thought-provoking, sexually inspired articles aimed at the millennial generation.

Prickett, who has gone on to be a contributor to the New York Times, The New Inquiry, and, among others, has been considered a cultural influencer since Adult’s launch. And despite her Toronto roots, Brooklyn magazine named Prickett one of “Brooklyn’s most influential people in Culture.”

A peek inside the two issues reveals erotic genius at its best. Even the contributors page is provocative: a cleverly disguised description of the hard working staff behind the magazine, made up as an old timey personals page. The sexy food pages titled The Great Masticating (that means chew, wink wink) give recipes to sensual foods like Oyster Omelets and Boar Shank with Black Radishes, which is, apparently, an aphrodisiac. Hey, who are we to question?

The profiles are with cooler than shit celebrities like Canadian director David Cronenberg, best known for his sexually charged “auto” erotic film, Crash. And German actor Udo Kier—so hot right now in the new film, Dragged Across Concrete, currently making big waves at all of the film festivals.

But the most evocative components of the magazines are the art and photography, with each issue packed with sweat-inducing images. Painter Sam McKinnissHard in the Paint, a portfolio of young, naked men fondling themselves is erotica at its best, and a sight for horny eyes. Then there’s the photo essay, Auto Erotic, with images by photographer Kava Gorna of real and imagined displays of self-pleasure as performed by real people, i.e. not models. It’s sensually sly and graphically overt, and you’ll be thinking about it for days (or nights) to come.

We found Adult magazine hidden away in a Provincetown bookstore but we recommend trying to find these sexually empowering gems on amazon. They are the perfect respite after a dull day at work, when you need more than a hot video to pass the time.

For a good time, pick up Adult Fall 2013 and Adult Summer 2014. And in the words of our favorite cable TV hostess, Robin Byrd, lie back and get comfortable.

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