Sexiest Book Covers

Judging books by their covers

BY: Matt Elisofon

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Steig Larson
Even for the uninitiated, one look at this salacious cover and all the hype starts to make sense.

The Mercy Room, Gilles Rozier
This one manages to be sexy and classy in its use of a leather-bound book to serve as the barrier between the two warmly lit lovers

Delta of Venus, Anaïs Nin
While less explicit than the others, extra points are awarded for the old-fashioned nature of the model. Given the Victorian prudishness of the era the photo evokes, the image seems far more scandalous.

Thy Neighbors Wife, Gay Talese
The seductive look of this naked woman, coupled with her positioning underneath a title evoking the biblical sanctity of marriage makes for an especially suggestive cover.

Sons and Lovers, D.H. Lawrence
A classic cover for a classic book. Simple and straight forward (with a little sepia for good measure). Bravo!

Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller
The naughtiest of novels deserves the naughtiest of covers and this one doesn’t disappoint (or leave much to the imagination). Thanks to a mirror, viewers get a look at both front and back of the nude model. Also, her 1920s bob promises an old-fashioned but decadent good time.