Winter wonderland 2019

The magical 3D powers of Vladimir Tomin


Vimeo is a wonderful world and you could get lost and entertained on the channel for hours. One of the first videos of 2019 is a fast cutting FX winter wonderland of chairs slipping on ice, a snowy pine forest in a night table drawer and my favorite- the shoe print dissolving in the snow and what lies beneath. Entitled HNY 2019, this wizardly, cool, cold and perfectly executed video is by Russian motion designer Vladimir Tomin. He has other mind blowing videos on vimeo that are well worth the view and that includes the fab Stroll which went wildly viral and showcases his 3D editing talent in a reality-bending treasure. He has his own portal into his work at Tomin Works.

He animates in full 3D using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. No wonder, Vladimir’s work has attracted clients like Coca-Cola, Boeing, Nissan and Ford.

Vladimir Tomin has an unbelievable imagination and quite possibly magical powers….. watch streets melt, street lights dance and ice trees grow from a champagne bottle. Vladimir says, “Sometimes the idea is above everything, and you have no idea how to make it work – you find a way.” This guy finds the way and it is a mind tickling ride he takes us on.