Tom Ford’s Kiss Off

Beauty Knows No Gender

BY: Claire Connors

If Tom Ford has one mantra when it comes to makeup, it’s “Beauty Knows No Gender.” When the prolific fashion designer created his original lipstick line “Lips and Boys” four years ago, he caused a serious stir in the trend-obsessed world of fashion. But for him, it was simply au natural. “I love seeing a woman in a man’s suit,” he explained. “Why not a lipstick named after a man?” He named his fifty shades after men he admires, like the singer Drake, who Ford envisions with a deep plum color on his sensuous mouth.

This season, Ford is reinventing Boys, adding six new colors to the collection and introducing a feminine line, resulting in “Tom Ford Boys & Girls.” It’s the official premiere of 50 of the most gorgeous, luscious shades named after 50 fantstic women who inspire Ford.

In this recent video from Tom Ford, a camera swirls around a group of pretty young androgynous things as they kiss, cuddle, flirt, and snuggle, all while applying a stunning lip color to themselves and each other. Technically, the entire shoot was quite a feat: gathering this many models, to shoot in one take on a circular track is ambitious to say the least. In the background, the British electro-pop sounds of Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat plays, a nod to that time in the 80s when gender fluidity was not only accepted but encouraged, and serious makeup was worn by both sexes. Thank you, Boy George!

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