Techno-Visual Delights

Rusian Pelykh Blows Your Mind

BY: Andy Shoulders

Talk about doing more with less!

Rusian Pelykh, a New York City based photographer and videographer, has been turning out mind-blowing content with a Leica D-Lux 6 camera. Long story short, it’s a 10 megapixel, $600 point & shoot that serves as quite the middle finger to anyone claiming that cheap gear inhibits good content. With the Leica, Pelykh proves that it isn’t the equipment you have that matters, it’s what you do with it.

Pelykh, originally from the Ukraine, was born into a family of photographers. While growing up, he sold popcorn at his local movie theater just so he could see movies for free. He made his way to Moscow in 2011, where he found moderate success as a filmmaker. He then made his way to New York City, and it was there that he found a preference for smaller equipment. Pelykh doesn’t like to attract a lot of attention while shooting his videos, and the Leica D-Lux 6 affords him a certain degree of anonymity. Also, in New York City, Pelykh’s penchant for freedom of movement is a luxury rarely afforded to photographers with bulky gear.

This freedom of movement is glaringly clear in his videos. Pelykh prefers to capture the humanity and sexuality of his models, and therefore gives them as little direction as possible. Check out videos like Dirty Image (a techno-laden visual feast reminiscent of Trainspotting-like montages) and Fever 47 (a slow motion creeper that gives you the feeling that model is slowly losing her mind), and you’ll see just how free Pelykh likes his material to be.

If you want to follow Pelykh’s journey, check out the blog Leica has created at There you’ll find an exclusive interview with Pelykh, as well as his amazing and inspired body of work. With each new video, Pelykh proves time and time again that you don’t need flashy gear to make astonishing art.

We could all take a page out of Pelykh’s book and stop the selfie moments, turn the camera around, and start appreciating and capturing the world around us.