Spike Lee’s Words Matter

Michael B. Jordan Rides for Coach


Words Matter, Coach‘s new short film directed by Spike Lee starring Michael B. Jordan, is a great lesson in the social consciousness marketing movement of brands. First you feast your eyes on Michael B. Jordan dressed in all black Coach motorcycle leathers. He wears a gorgeous look of moto jacket, leather pants, gray boots, gloves, sunglasses and, of course, a Coach bag. I actually believed he loved the look, and he wore like it was his own. The black motorcycle is also a beauty as it comes into view with Michael astride riding across a desert landscape. A great choice of meaningful background music adds to the story.

All that glamour falls softly away as Michael stops his bike and finds words of hatred carved in fragments of stone scattered on the desert dry bed floor. As his temper rises, he hurls the rocks away. He checks a map and finds words of love carved in ancient stone and an abandoned, decaying children’s playground. These words he uses to honor the children’s swing and playground.

Coach accompanied the film with words of its own: “They can lift you up or they can put you down. In other words, words do matter. We choose optimism, courage and above all love.” Bravo Coach and to Spike Lee and Michael B. Jordan, beautifully done.