Sexiest Videos: Madonna

There's Only One Queen, Bitch.

BY: Zak Wojnar

If there’s a definitive sex symbol for all time, it’s Madonna. When it comes to raw talent, effortless charisma, and unadulterated beauty, nobody even comes close. The Queen of Pop is pushing sixty years old and she’s still easily out-classing wannabe pop starlets only a third of her age. Madonna is as hot as ever, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. 2015’s Rebel Heart was a solid hit (though we prefer 2012’s MDNA), and she’s currently developing a film based on Taking Flight, the memoir of famed ballet star Michaela DePrince.

Madonna is sex, personified. Don’t believe us? Then take a gander at these videos, which show off her talent at song and dance, to say nothing of her other physical assets… We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Madonna has the best thighs in show business.

Hung Up

Madonna’s star never faded enough to warrant a traditional comeback, but 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor brought her back to her disco roots, and the result is a timeless dance album which harkens back to disco greats like Donna Summer and ABBA. The video for its lead single, Hung Up, pays glorious tribute to Saturday Night Fever and ends with… Well, with our leading lady appearing to straddle a boombox like a bucking bronco. Like Madonna herself, the video is sensual dancing joy, with a healthy helping of over-the-top sexuality.

Like A Virgin

Madonna’s first album was a solid hit and featured some truly great songs, but it was 1984’s Like a Virgin which truly made her an international superstar and infamous provocateur. The video for the album’s title track puts Madonna in the picturesque canals of Venice, Italy in a variety of charming 1980s attire, including a show-stopping wedding dress. Madonna was never constrained by societal standards of female sexuality; she does things her way, and if you’re not comfortable with that, it means she’s accomplishing exactly what she set out to do.

Express Yourself

Before he became known for boundary-pushing film classics like Seven, Fight Club, and Gone Girl, David Fincher directed the music video for Madonna’s 1989 single, Express Yourself. One of the most expensive music videos ever made (with a budget of $5,000,000), the piece pays tribute to Fritz Lang’s classic film, Metropolis, while also featuring Madonna in the center of a gender-bending skewering of gender roles. She goes back and forth from wearing delicate lingerie (or nothing at all) to a masculine double-breasted suit. Madonna once, only half-jokingly, described the meaning of the video as simply, “Pussy rules the world.”

Justify My Love

This 1990 video was met with a firestorm of controversy for what some considered to be obscene sexual imagery. Shot in a style resembling something between a French art film and a covert home video, Justify My Love features such provocative imagery as bondage, cross-dressing men in lingerie, and Madonna herself engaged in a passionate lesbian kiss. The video was too hot for TV, and MTV banned it from the airwaves, which led to Madonna making a fortune by releasing the song on VHS, as the world’s first “video single.”

Girl Gone Wild

By 2012, Madonna was well into her 50s, but she didn’t give a damn. Why should she? She’s Madonna, an unstoppable machine of sex, music, and good vibes. Girl Gone Wild, the lead single from the MDNA album, was a screaming statement to the world, of “I’m not done yet, not even close.” This video has everything: Guns. Cigarettes. Long legs. Hot male backup dancers in high heel shoes… And of course, Madonna herself, doing what she does best: singing her song while wearing gorgeous outfits and just being the golden sex goddess she’s always been.