The Stray Bird’s Maya de Vitry

"Let me hear your body talk."


The Stray Bird’s Maya de Vitry, striking out on her own to write and record her debut album Adaptations, has delivered a sublime stop-motion video for the track, My Body is a Letter. The video is an astonishing collaboration with visual artist Andrew Benincasa. Andrew’s exacto knife cutouts from huge sheets of black paper are exquisite as is the direction of her blindfolded lover on camera. The lyrics and music of My Body is a Letter make it the standout song of the album and illustrate an elegant, rhythmic examination of our bodies sexual messaging or lack of it. There is a lament from the song that erotically challenges, “There’s an ancient language lovers speak …….will you read it to me?”

The artists bring the message home, know my body, honor it and celebrate our intimate knowledge of each other. Or in the words of that immortal pop star, Olivia Newton-John, “Let me hear your body talk.”

Maya reached out to Andrew after seeing his work for the band Darlingside. The collaboration was a harmonious one and Andrew brought in his partner Amadine Kaye to work on the project. Amadine has a background working with victims of sexual assault and is a visual artist and the song hit home for her. The result reminds us to have the courage to lead in revealing ourselves and to listen to the unique histories of one another and most importantly to ourselves.