Jean Luc Godard’s Vision

The Image Book is his provocative new film


The Image Book, an avant garde film by Jean Luc Godard, is a dark, mesmerizing trip. The film premiered at Cannes last year and was awarded the first, ever Special Palme d’Or. The Image Book opens in New York City at Lincoln Center on January 25th.

The new trailer is a barrage of color, light, sound and distortion. The editing and the image choices are breath taking. The film promises to be a beautiful and disturbing compilation taken from films and newsreel footage. The soundtrack too is a crazy, deep immersion into a world spinning toward destruction. Images, distortion of images, and sounds take us on a journey that tells a story of innocence and guilt. The film is disturbing at times and often very moving, Very Godard. One thing is certain Jean Luc Godard has not lost his truth telling touch as he paints a story of human disintegration.

Get ready to be immersed in a film, an art work, and an event that fore tells the end of life as Mr. Godard sees it.

Jean Luc Godard looking at film negatives