She Touched Herself

Kate Moss, Britt Lloyd, Raquel Zimmermann, Nick Knight

Above Image and Cover Story Image: Nick Knight


Put Your Head on my Shoulder is the new, provocative short fashion film created for British Vogue. Shot and directed by Britt Lloyd, the photographer-turned-filmmaker takes us through a sensuous night as model Raquel Zimmermann embarks on an intimate exploration of her own body. A body styled, no less, by the great Kate Moss, using a potent mix of toxic textures and glamorous glimmer. The looks are from Gucci, Miu Miu, and Versace and showcase sexy fabrics like vinyl, sequins, and silk.

The film is based on an editorial project by photographer Nick Knight for the September 2017 issue of British Vogue, and produced by Knight’s own SHOWstudio, an award-winning website. Knight also shot images of the film while it was being made, showcasing the erotic adventures of the gorgeously dressed Zimmerman.

Britt Lloyd continues to push the edge and is becoming a master of sexual tension and fashion. This film will take your breath away…maybe more.