Drake: God’s Plan

The Pop Star Is Giving Away His Money


Drake‘s certainly come a long way; the erstwhile star of Canada’s Degrassi has made a name for himself as one of the biggest pop stars working today. His latest music video, “God’s Plan,” is a beautiful piece of viral video art about the simple act of giving.

The music video for “God’s Plan” was given a budget of around one million dollars, which Drake promptly gave away to people in need in Miami, Florida. The video consists solely of their reactions to meeting the global superstar as he gives them big piles of cash, changing their lives forever.

It’s easy to be cynical about a video like this, to see this type of very public altruism as a self-serving PR stunt, but we honestly believe that Drake simply wanted to do something nice, to give back to the fans who needed a hand in surviving the cold, dark abyss of despair and hopelessness otherwise known as 2018. Is Drake reaping the rewards in terms of international news coverage and increased awareness of his media brand? Yes, but that’s just an incidental result of doing this type of good deed.

The video is an instant hit, and was streamed over 100 million times in the past week, a gargantuan feat matched only by “Harlem Shake,” which was an unprecedented viral hit back in 2012.

Drake’s current, two-song EP, Scary Hours, is out now.