Missing Quentin Tarantino?

Clara Darko's genius edit of 'Inglorious Bastards'

Clara Darko did brilliant editing work on this one using David Bowie’s Putting out the Fire and the film Inglorious Bastards. Specifically she chose Quentin Tarantino‘s combustible scene of mayhem and murder at the theater and the aftermath.

Clara Darko is our favorite movie compilation editor and is a devout movie lover from Spain. She begins the video by picking out actress Melanie Laurent and uses her as a symbol of the vengeful time bomb ticking for a synchronized and beautiful plan of mass murder of the highest ranking Nazis of World War II. She is total, over the top, glamour in a black veil with a blood red dress. An omen of what is to come?

Clara Darko also focuses in on the actor Eli Roth as he becomes the revengeful American murderer of many lives. His face reflects an utter quiet brutality. He literally hammers it home that violence belongs to all mankind. The edit of the video is purely wicked as we know are the victims of the massacre. Yet, we see the “good guys” become caught up in the violence and go quite dark.

Brad Pitt and his men in the last scene totally embody Charles Manson and his followers in their bizarre Southern California brutality. What could Quentin be thinking? It is a bold, bloody, brazen edit and the video beckons us to the horrifying violence that we know will come with Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this summer.