Calvin Klein Gets Dirty

Garage Girls Grease Up for an Erotic Tune Up

BY: Zak Wojnar

There’s something about the cross section of sexy Calvin Klein models, blue collar physical labor, and Jane’s Addiction that gets us all worked up.

This classic Calvin Klein piece is directed by Ricky Saiz, a fashion designer (Supreme) and filimmaker best known for directing the iconic Yoncé video for – who else? – Beyoncé. This three-minute clip is shot with a grainy, filmic style in a grimy, lived-in auto garage with a rustic and sincere energy… Or at least as sincere as you can be when you’re shooting glamorous models in designer underwear taking showers and posing with cars.

The models are Binx Walton, Nadja Bender, Daphne Groenveld, Malaika Firth, Catherine McNeil, Camille Rowe and Jamie Bochert. The clothes are Calvin Kline. The music is Jane’s Addiction, one of the most iconic Los Angeles bands of all time. “Up the Beach” is the first song off their debut album, Nothing’s Shocking. The dissonant echoes of Perry Farrell‘s shrieking vocals and the proud, deliberate scales of Dave Navarro‘s guitar are the perfect soundtrack to this provocative video.