Bruce Weber’s Sexy Men

VMAN Calendar: Hot Guys and...Puppies!

BY: Claire Connors

Looking for the perfect gift for your boo or bae this holiday season? Look no further then the ridiculously sexy 2018 VMAN Calendar. Shot by fashion photographer extraordinaire, Bruce Weber, the limited edition book features 48 pages of testosterone-fueled models showing off their best, ahem, assets, packaged perfectly in their tighty whities, reddies, and bluesies—you get the picture—as they nuzzle seductively with a herd of adorable labrador puppies!

To excite us even further, the gorgeous video, Brooklyn Swagger, was filmed during the shoot, focusing on the men’s perfect physiques as they frolic and flirt on the set. Created by Weber and filmmaker John Huba, and styled by the iconic creative director, Paul Cavaco, the film is a sight to behold.

2018 VMAN Calendar, $50, is available at and Amazon. Oh, and just to make your purchase is a little sweeter, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Korean K9 Rescue, an all volunteer, non-profit animal rescue group in New York City.