A$AP Rocky’s Fukk Sleep

Featuring AKA Twigs and directed by Diana Kunst


This wild, futuristic blender of a video ride, “Fukk Sleep” was a complete collaboration between A$AP Rocky, AKA Twigs and the director Diana Kunst. “The idea was originally that they live with their eyes open,” says the director. “If they fall asleep they get transported into another space.”

The video was shot all around New York City mainly in the Red Hook industrial area. The rampage takes us to Chinatown for a jewelry store robbery, then off again to a strip club, and to Times Square to a restaurant riot.

The film has a very dystopian feel to it at times. New York City looks new and shiny yet also dirty, dark, and ultimately sad. The styling of both Rocky and Twigs is mind blowing including Rocky’s red gloves. Naturally, both Twigs and Rocky brought their own very talented stylists.

You keep having jarring images of other influences that must have been dancing in the heads of the three collaborators. As they tear through the night, we feet Quentin Tarentino breathing fumes of Pulp Fiction‘s brilliant diner scene with Amanda Plummer and Tim Roth. We see the criminal romance of Bonnie and Clyde and are transported to the urban darkness of the original Bladerunner. Thrown in for extra spicy seasoning is that particular evil essence of Natural Born Killers. What a fantastic mix of ideas and, incredibly, they pull it off.

The artist Donald Robertson recently said, “The whole sleeping thing—I’ve decided to write off. There are so many things I want to do.” Or in Rocky’s world, “Fukk Sleep” seems to be a crazy necessity of fame and of an insatiable need of experience.