5 Favorite PRADA Films

Ridley Scott, David O. Russell, Wes Anderson

Mucia Prada is an ever bright creative force of nature. We love her dive into film and we were missing a new PRADA short film so much we put together a story on our very favorite PRADA films. She has attracted incredible talent and contributed beautifully and let the talent flourish.

Our very favorite film is the film & fashion fusion masterpiece, Thunder Perfect Mind from Ridley Scott and his daughter Jordan Scott with Daria Werbowy cast as the lead. Mucia Prada wanted to portray the complexities of being a woman for a new fragrance. The film is shot in Berlin and all the costumes are designed by Mucia Prada. The soul of the film is the poem “The Thunder, Perfect Mind” from the 1st century which was discovered in 1945. It is a dazzling black and white film with such a strong message for women.

Totally in a different style is the trilogy by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola for the fragrance Candy. Fittingly, it is a trilogy because it is about a love triangle with Lea Seydoux as the main attraction for two men. It is so fun-filled with flirty sexual tension and very Jules et Jim in it’s conflict. The two male best friends are so drawn to Candy that the three of them are everywhere together. It takes us on a fun french adventure and introduces the new product perfectly.

PRADA heads to Sin City for Neon Dream. This short film directed by Willy Vanderperre features actress Sarah Paulson and model Amanda Murphy. Beautifully immersed in color and framed against the Las Vegas sky at night is where we find our two lead characters who are moving constantly throughout the night. The glow and flash of Las Vegas provides the perfect backdrop for a very transformative narrative. The experience feels very David Lynch. Like Blue Velvet, it’s finest cinematic moments are creepy, rich and full of mystery.

Past Forward is a collaboration between Mucia Prada and the director David O. Russell. It is unlike anything he has done. This is not Silver Linings Playbook. David O. Russell said he imagined the film as a “cinema poem” and he delivers a surreal, futuristic silent landscape. There are parallax views within the story and different actors playing shifting into replaying scenes. You decide what is memory and what is a dream. Some of the talent featured in the film is Allison Williams and John Krasinski.

Last, but by no means last is Wes Anderson’s film, Castello Cavalcanti starring Jason Schwartzman. Here we see no PRADA fashion, which is quite a bold move by Mucia Prada. It is more a love story of Italy and Italian men in a small village. Following a car crash of a race car Schwartzman bonds warmly with the locals in a glowingly lit cafe. Everything is very Wes Anderson hued colors. It is a warm, yet brief, visit to a small Italian village but you can almost smell the street, the food, the wine and fell the easy camaraderie between the men.