The Romanoffs

A New Series From the Creator of Mad Men

BY: Zak Wojnar

Three years after the end of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner is back for his next big series. The Romanoffs is an ambitious, eight-part miniseries anthology event created exclusively for Amazon Prime. In 1918, during the height of the Russian Civil War, the entire House of Romanoff, Russia’s royal family, was executed by a firing squad. In the century since then, countless “Romanoff Imposters” have emerged, claiming to either have survived the shooting or being a secret descendant of one Romanoff or another.

While not directly based on any specific real-life people, The Romanoffs stars a group of characters who fully believe themselves to be the true descendants of the royal family. A tap-dancing drama full of fast dialogue, interpersonal relationships, and bouts of existential black comedy, The Romanoffs looks like it could be a true game-changer for Amazon Prime, which has spent the last few years slowly but surely catching up to Hulu and Netflix.

An anthology series, each episode focuses on a different cast of characters who believe themselves, rightly or not, to be Romanoffs. As such, Amazon was able to secure a ton of big name talent for the series, including A-List actors Diane Lane, Aaron Eckhart, and Paul Reiser. Weiner also recruited several of his Mad Men actors, including John Slattery and Christina Hendricks, to appear on the series. Katheryn Hahn, Jon Tenney, Radha Mitchell, and Griffin Dunn also guest star.

Every episode of the series is both written and directed by Matthew Weiner. Its success or failure will all come down to his vision for the series, and all responsibility, for better or worse, will fall squarely at his feet. If all goes according to plan, The Romanoffs will be his magnum opus, a grandly personal epic to surpass even Mad Men. No pressure.

The Romanoffs premieres October 12 on Amazon Prime.