Strike a “Pose”

FX Series on the Underground Voguing Scene

BY: Zak Wojnar

The New York City of today has its roots in the 1980s. A complex combination of working poor and the leisure class, 1980s NYC was marred by the rise of gaudy skyscrapers like Trump Tower, but also glamorized by the increasing normalization of queer culture. In the decades since, both sides of the city have grown in prominence. Now, a new series from TV mega-producer Ryan Murphy looks to examine this unique cross-section of Americana.

Murphy, the mind behind such varied series as Glee, Scream Queens, American Horror Story, and American Crime Stories, is back at it again with Pose, for the FX network. Evan Peters and Kate Mara star as a New Jersey couple who get seduced by the glamorous sensibilities of the City that Never Sleeps at the height of the excesses of 1980s Reaganomics. Dawson’s Creek‘s James Van Der Beek and kinky star of Broadway’s Kinky BootsBilly Porter, co-star, but the real selling point of Pose is its impressive cast of trans lead actors. The provocative FX show boasts the largest collection of trans actors ever assembled for a scripted television series.

Back in the 1980s, the juxtaposition of the wealthy one percent and the glammed-up queens of downtown was something of a cultural Cold War, and one which hasn’t subsided in the generations since, though the lines may have been blurred by the gentrification of iconic neighborhoods by an influx of wealthy appropriators of New York culture. The 80s are way in the past, but the culture war rages on.

Pose debuts June 3 on FX.