Springsteen on Netflix

His Most Intimate Venue Ever

BY: Zak Wojnar

Beginning in October 2017, Bruce Springsteen has been spending his nights in New York City, performing in front of a small audience of hardcore fans. Springsteen on Broadway is a dramatic, emotional, and intimate experience in which the man takes the stage alone, flanked by a piano and guitar, performing some of his greatest tunes in a stripped-down, acoustic style, while telling stories of his youth, his family, his life, and his career.

Of course, the problem with Broadway shows is that they’re not for everyone. Springsteen sings songs about loading crates on the dock, working on the highway, and busting one’s back at the factory. Blue collar folks don’t often get the chance to take in a Broadway show, but Springsteen and Netflix have teamed up to make sure they aren’t left out in the cold.

On December 15, the same day as the show’s final performance at the Walter Kerr theater, Springsteen on Broadway is making its way to Netflix, where anyone with a stable internet connection can experience Bruce’s autobiographical musings from the comfort of their own devices. The whole show is here, from the beginning, in which a boy’s life is forever changed from seeing Elvis Presley rock the entire world on The Ed Sullivan Show, to learning how to drive in a cross-country trial by fire, to a guest appearance from wife Patti Scialfa, who sings a pair of songs with her husband.

Bruce Springsteen is an icon, a pillar of rock and roll as solid and unshakable as the likes of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Joe Strummer. This autobiographical one-man (mostly) show is a testament to his enduring legacy, his remarkable talent, and his rock and roll spirit, which shines as brightly as ever. That anyone can watch this program on Netflix, without having to travel to New York and pay the ridiculous ticket prices which have made Broadway fandom an elite club of wealthy insiders, is nothing short of a gift from the gods of music, the only gods we have left.

Springsteen on Broadway hits Netflix on December 15.