Sharp Objects on HBO

Amy Adams Reminds Us Why She's The Best

BY: Zak Wojnar

Amy Adams is an American treasure. From crowdpleasing blockbusters like Man of Steel and Enchanted to acclaimed David O. Russell dramas like The Fighter and American Hustle, she is one of the most versatile actors working today, equally able to bask in the glamour of superstardom and challenge herself with bold creative choices.

Perhaps her toughest challenge yet lies in the upcoming HBO miniseries drama, Sharp Objects. Based on the debut novel by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects is a grim psychological thriller about coming home to confront one’s past while dealing with impossible stakes in the present.

Adams stars as Camille Preaker, an investigative reporter who returns to her hometown in Missouri to tackle a case involving young girls who were horribly mutilated and murdered. The hook is that Preaker has demons of her own; she has only just recently been released from psychiatric care, and she has a history of self-harm, hence at least one meaning for the title of this provocative story, “Sharp Objects.”

While she possesses an effortless beauty without compare, Amy Adams is not content to rest on her skin-deep beauty. To put it mildly, Camille Preaker is not a glamorous character, and Adams will have to dive deep into her bag of acting tricks in order to stay afloat in a story which promises an equal mix of grisly violence, introspective revelations, and claustrophobic psychological tension. To be honest, we’d expect nothing less from this dream pairing of Gillian Flynn’s text with director Jean-Marc Vallée.

The supporting cast includes a pair of extraordinarily talented female supporting actors: Patricia Clarkson (The Station Agent) and Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds), both of whom are peerless masters of the craft of acting. Long story short, the acting pedigree for Sharp Objects is strong, indeed.

Sharp Objects debuts July 8 on HBO.