Ozark Returns!

Bateman is Back on Netflix

BY: Zak Wojnar

Between Arrested Development and Ozark, Jason Bateman is the king of Netflix, and both shows are in the process of launching new seasons. Arrested Development is the latest Netflix series to adopt the annoying habit of splitting the season into two halves; Season 5: Part 1 launched on May 29, with the second half due out later this year. Thankfully, the sophomore run of Ozark is being released as a complete package.

A far cry from the comic antics of Arrested Development (or Silver Spoons, for that matter!), Ozark is an intimate crime drama set in the earthy emptiness of rural Missouri. Bateman executive produces and stars as Marty Byrde, who gets more than he bargained for when he makes a deal with the devil – in this case, a Mexican drug cartel represented by Esai Morales. His family is forced to move to the Ozark mountains while struggling to scrape together enough money to keep their heads off the chopping block. Laura Linney plays his wife, who is actually acclimating quite nicely to her new climate.

The breakout young star of the series is Julia Garner, who plays a young and mischievous criminal princess. After making waves with roles in The Americans and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Garner’s star has risen considerably thanks to her scene-stealing turn in Ozark. She’ll next be seen in Maniac, a new Netflix series starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, and it’s only a matter of time before she’s headlining a Netflix series (or movie!) of her own.

In the post-Breaking Bad television landscape, audiences are clamoring for more shows which emphasize characterization and strong acting over procedural action and the age-old unbreakable status quo tropes. Some say we’re living in a golden age of TV, and it’s hard to disagree. Between streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, cable networks like HBO, AMC, and FX, and even serialized programming on the traditional broadcast networks (The Good Wife, anyone?), there’s something for everyone on one platform or another, so find a show that strikes your fancy and start binging!

Season two of Ozark debuts August 31 on Netflix.