Outlander Is In America

Team Fraser Arrives in a New Land in Season 4

BY: Amber Rodriguez

While many of us are still recovering from the “A. Malcolm” episode of season 3 when Claire (Caitriona Balfe) reunited with Jamie (Sam Heughan), the Droughtlander is finally over and season 4 is on the horizon with the promise of a journey to a brave new world.

Season 4 of Outlander picks up from where season 3 left off in North Carolina where Claire, Jamie and crew washed ashore. They arrive in the land of hope and freedom to chase the American Dream. In the late 1700’s North Carolina has a large community of Scots and the Frasers head to River Run to stay with his Aunt Jocasta from Clan McKenzie.

With the Scotland they knew before Culloden gone, they look to build a home of their own where they can put down roots in colonial America. But nothing is ever easy for Team Fraser when they come upon everything from outlaws to Red Coats to Native Americans to skulls with 20thcentury dental work. Accompanied by nephew Ian (John Bell) and his half-wolf, half-dog Rollo the gang is constantly tested with the precipice of the American Revolution and danger all around.

Back in the 20th century their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) struggles with the absence of her mom and urge to know more about her biological father. With boyfriend Roger (Richard Rankin) in Scotland and Brianna in Boston, they form a long distance relationship where they continue to search for the answers to Brianna’s parents fate. The pair shared an experience that only they can understand and one that can’t seem to let go.

And through it all, following closely to Diana Gabaldon book Drums of Autumn, Jaime and Claire maintain #RelationshipGoals status. Now in their 40s their renewed love has matured and full of trust as immigrants in a new land. Lucky for us the sex scenes are no less steamy. After spending 20 years apart the Frasers rekindle their romance, passion and once more share unbounded intimacy.

So the questions remain, will Brianna go through the stones to find her parents? Will Jamie, Claire and Ian survive the onset of another war? And what ever happen to Murtagh?! Well lads and lassies ye don’t have to wait much longer as Outlander is back on November 4th on Starz.

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