Orange is the New Black

Netflix's Best Is Back, But Who Survived?

BY: Zak Wojnar

It’s almost that time again – Orange is the New Black is back!

Everyone’s favorite satirical comedy about the prison industrial complex is returning for its sixth season on Netflix. Few shows in history have been able to juggle jolly antics with heartfelt appeals to social consciousness the way OITNB can. It’s not just a fun comedy – it feels like an important piece of 21st century Americana.

Being set in a women’s prison, the show is obviously extremely inclusive to women (most of the main cast is female), but it also has strong LGBTQ representation, which means a whole bunch of undeniably sexy girl-on-girl action. The show is also notable for casting a trans actress, Laverne Cox, in the role of Sophia, a trans character. It’s still annoyingly rare to see such casting, since these types of provocative roles are commonly seen as low-hanging dramatic fruit; awards-season bait for opportunistic A-listers…yeah, we’re looking at you, Jared Leto (he won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a SAG Award for his trans role in Dallas Buyers Club).

Additionally, a substantial amount of the cast are women of color, which speaks to the unfair of targeting of black and Latina women in the law enforcement community. Nevertheless, despite being an “important” series, OITNB truly thrives because it’s damn good television, simultaneously entertaining and socially relevant, in the tradition of all-time TV classics like All in the Family and The Twilight Zone.

Back in 2016, the show was renewed for three seasons, of which the upcoming Season 6 is the second. That means we still have Season 7 to look forward to, presumably sometime in 2019. Orange is the New Black is one of Netflix‘s longest-running original series, but it’s fortunately showing no signs of slowing down. We can reasonably expect the tragicomic adventures of Piper (Taylor Schilling), Alex (Laura Prepon), Red (Kate Mulgrew), and the rest to continue for years to come.

Season 6 of Orange is the New Black launches July 27 on Netflix. Check out the new trailer here.