Makeup Sex

TV's best way to apologize


Phillip & Elizabeth, The Americans
Nothing alleviates all that “pressure” like a little love session with your partner-in-espionage.


Celeste & Perry, Big Little Lies
Even the idyllic lives of Celeste and Perry hit a rough patch now and again. The remedy? Rough sex of course.


Alex & Piper, Orange is the New Black
Relationships are hard. They’re even harder when you’re in prison. Thankfully, when you have chemistry like Piper and Alex, arguments often have a nice a nice ending.


Don & Megan, Mad Men
If Don’s wife wanted no part of him, maybe she shouldn’t have opted to do all of that that cleaning…in her lingerie.


Olivia & Fitz, Scandal
Tensions of all kinds finally disappear when Olivia and Fitz go at it. Unfortunately, the pesky little fact that Fitz is both a) married and b) President of the United States still remains.