Keri Russell Exposed

The Last Season of The Americans Unfolds

BY: Claire Connors

Keri Russell has been dazzling us for five seasons on the remarkably current period political thriller, The Americans. For those of you just picking up on this excellent FX show, the sexy spy series is set in the early 80s during the Cold War. Keri plays Elizabeth, a Soviet sleeper mole married to a fellow Russian infiltrator (Matthew Rhys). Together they have two children, Paige (Holly Taylor) and Henry (Keidrich Sellati), who have no idea what their seemingly average American parents really do for a living.

But these are truly dedicated Russians—their dirty work for their country is everything—and the marriage is basically a sham. As they do their Soviet duty, which includes lots of deviant sexual undercover work, we learn just how unconnected these two really are. However, as the series has developed, so has the relationship, into a full-fledged romance. In fact, the chemistry between Keri and Matthew is so hot on screen, it has spilled over into real life and the two became of real couple a few years ago.

And now, it seems the TV couple is as deeply in love. When we left our anti-heroes at the end of Season 5, Elizabeth and Phillip were secretly married and planning to return to the USSR with their kids.  A happy ending? Not so fast. Duty calls and it looks like they’re staying in the States after all. What will happen to our anti-heroes? Will they survive? Will their marriage?

We’ll find out this week when the 10-episode sixth season of The Americans premieres this week.