The Actress Gets Down And Dirty In The New Series

BY: Georgia Davis

Amazon Studios has put out some of the biggest shows and movies in recent history (just look at The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), and the distributor is looking to do the same with the Kate Beckinsale-led drama The Widow.

Beckinsale stars as Georgia Wells, a woman whose husband presumably dies in an airplane crash over the African Congo. Georgia has suspicions her husband isn’t dead when she sees him in the background of a newscast. Shaken to her core, she ventures into the unknown territory of the Congo rainforest to figure what happened and if she is in fact a widow.

The Widow looks absolutely gritty. It has almost a Lara Croft appeal to it. But instead of preserving artifacts, she sets out on a more human mission: one fueled by human needs and empathy. The Underworld actress steps back into a badass role, but one with an array of emotions.

The show also features Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister). Seasoned TV writers Harry and Jack Williams shaped the script into what will be a gut-wrenching, dramatic prose that will surely stand out through its eight episodes.

The Widow will be available on Amazon Prime starting March 1.