Homeland: Season Seven

Showtime's Showstopper Returns

BY: Zak Wojnar

After redefining network television with their work on 24, Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa moved from Fox to Showtime for their next show, an adaptation of the Israeli series, Prisoners of War.

Homeland immediately made major headlines for its no-holds-barred depiction of the War on Terror and the political maneuverings which perpetuate the violence. For the upcoming Season 7, the show’s producers opted to focus on the war at home, borrowing from the real-life drama unfolding in Washington DC, in which The President of the United States is at war with his own intelligence organizations, from the FBI to the State Department.

Last season ended with a failed assassination on President Keane and the tragic sacrifice of Quinn (Rupert Friend), and this new batch of episodes will deal with the fallout from Keane’s paranoid distrust of her own intelligence agencies. The parallels to today’s political climate are obvious. As always, Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin form the backbone of the show, simultaneously displaying the flawed naivete and cunning coldness of America, respectively.

The controversial show has drawn cries of racism and Islamophobia, but Homeland has always been willing to turn its gaze inward and criticize America’s failed foreign policies and the dead horse that is American Exceptionalism, to say nothing of the boldness of casting a female lead in a military-themed espionage thriller.

As it stands, next year’s eighth season is currently scheduled to be the final outing for the series. The end is near, but there are surely more shocking surprises yet to come before the bitter end.

Homeland returns to Showtime on February 11.