Hard Sun’s Gonna Shine

Agyness Deyn & Jim Sturgess Save the World

BY: Claire Connors

Sci-fi is so hot right now. Almost every other show is based around a dystopian future with little hope for the human race. The BBC’s newest, Hard Sun, fits right in with the rest but for one small point: it takes place in a pre-apocalyptic world.

The end is indeed near, give or take five years, but the government is keeping it a big secret to avoid total mayhem. Life goes on in modern London, where two mismatched detectives, DI Elaine Renko (former fashion model Agyness Deyn) and DCI Charlie Hicks (Jim Sturgess) search for a killer in the cyber world. Soon they stumble upon the truth. With the government working against them at every turn, the two very different officers—she’s a tough chick, he’s a buttoned up family man—must learn to operate together as a team to find the truth behind the biggest coverup in world history.

Created by Neil Cross, who brought us the hit drama, Luther, Hard Sun starts streaming on Hulu March 7th.