Girl on Girl

Sapphic scenes on the small screen

Above: Yara Greyjoy and Hooker, Game of Thrones. TV Page / Home Page: Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy.


Chase and Jo, Easy
The youthful tumbling and fumbling of these two is sweet, sultry, and makes you long for the good old days.


Alex and Piper, Orange is the New Black
Wouldn’t be a legitimate lesbian list without having at least one scene between Alex and Piper.


Bette and Tina, L Word
Very few titles deliver as faithfully as L Word. Case in point is when Bette and Tina share some steamy Sapphic sex.


Gai and Lucretia, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
After teasing us as Xena for years and years, it’s a relief to see Lucy Lawless get it on with a girl!


Nomi and Amanta, Sense8
This sci-fi drama’s rule breaking extends to the bedroom as two women (one of them trans) get it on with unabashed ferocity.


Poussey and her ex, Orange is the New Black
Watching Poussey relive a simpler and steamier time as an army brat stealing some kisses with a busty fair-haired fraulein is as sexy as it is sad.


Alice and Dana, The L Word
Who says girls don’t like it rough?


Yara Greyjoy and Hooker, Game of Thrones
While it’s neither the sexiest nor the sweetest scene on this list, nothing screams equality like watching a Head Bitch in Charge like Yara use and lose a girl like all of her male compatriots.


Annalise and Eve, How to Get Away with Murder
These two high-powered attorneys are only defenseless when it comes to resisting each other.


Callie and Hahn, Grey’s Anatomy
One of the first lesbian romances on a primetime network show. Bravo!