Emmy Rossum, seductress

We Shamelessly adore this sizzling actress

BY: Claire Connors

For the last seven seasons of Showtime’s family dramedy, Shameless, we’ve watched as Fiona Gallagher has tried to keep her drunkard father (William H. Macy) from killing himself, her numerous reckless family members out of jail, and her own very level head above water. The hilarious, often insane misadventures of the Gallagher clan is why the series is so popular, but it’s Emmy Rossum’s performance as the tenacious Fiona that keeps us coming back again and again.

Born in Manhattan thirty-one years ago, Rossum got her start in performing when she was just seven, landing a position in the Metropolitan Opera’s Children’s Chorus. Over the next ten years, she split her time between a soap, theater, TV, and film roles, including 2004’s Phantom of the Opera. But it’s still her role on Shameless for which she is most famous. She hasn’t made a movie since 2014’s romantic comedy, Comet, but has two new features coming out soon, including A Futile & Stupid Gesture, in which she plays actress Kathryn Walker, the lover of National Lampoon creator Douglas Kenney.

As the eighth season of Shameless prepares to bow in November, check out the preview video of the cast doing their very best to act their worst. We can’t wait!