Carey Mulligan Probes

Her Thriller, Collateral, is set in London

BY: Zak Wojnar

When it comes to grand miniseries events, the two biggest names in the business are the BBC and Netflix. The British Broadcasting Corporation and the American streaming giant have something of a symbiotic relationship, with much of the former’s most acclaimed programming being imported to the States under the banner of Netflix Originals; shows like Black Mirror, The Fall, and Broadchurch are among the most popular, and now a new show looks to join their esteemed ranks.

Collateral – no relation to the Michael Mann film starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx – has been compared to David Simon’s The Wire, in that it is an intimate and gritty look at crime in a big bad city. Rather than Baltimore, however, Collateral is set in London, and deals overtly with the tensions between the white, Christian majority and the growing Muslim population. All the while, a murder mystery seems to be adding up to something far greater than what it seems…

Carey Mulligan (Drive, Mudbound) stars as Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie, who is tasked with investigating the brutal and seemingly random murder of a pizza delivery boy, though events quickly escalate to include the British Secret Service and perceived threats to national security. The series is a winding mystery of xenophobic tensions and old-fashioned police drama, making for a uniquely 21st-century television experience.

The series is only four episodes long, and the whole show is set over the course of four days, so even novice binge-watchers will be able to devour Collateral in just a day or two if they’re dedicated.

Collateral streams onto Netflix on March 9.

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