Claire Foy Dons The Crown

Netflix's Royal Tale Returns For Season 2

BY: Zak Wojnar

The most expensive show on Netflix is The Crown. The first season reportedly had a production budget upwards of $130 million, and it’s on full display. The series fully realizes its setting of 1950s England and is meticulous in its attention to detail of the era during and the early rise of Princess (and soon-to-be Queen) Elizabeth.

At first, many thought that The Crown was too ambitious for its own good; apart from its titanic budget and specific point of view, the show is also planned to be a six-year odyssey – creator Peter Morgan (writer of The Queen, which also has Elizabeth II as its lead character) has an epic vision for the series, which is set to encompass sixty episodes over six seasons, and with a new cast every two years as the show moves forward in time.

If all goes according to plan, then this latest batch of episodes will be the last time we get to enjoy the beautifully regal Claire Foy as Elizabeth, but such is the price of art. In fact, Olivia Colman is set to take over as Elizabeth in the upcoming third and fourth seasons of The Crown. She’s a smart pick, since she already played Elizabeth’s mother (the OG Queen Mother!) in the divisive Hyde Park on Hudson, which starred Bill Murray as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The rotating casting, while unfortunate for Claire Foy, is important to building the nigh-mythical legend of Elizabeth II, a larger-than-life figure who has been present at every major historical juncture of the last sixty years. She’s bigger than Claire Foy, than Olivia Colman, and bigger than whomever they choose to play her in the prospective fifth and sixth season. She’s more than just royalty; she’s a symbol of her country’s resilience and perseverance through the tumultuous 20th century and beyond.

Season 2 of The Crown is now available on Netflix.