Black Monday, 1987

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BY: Zak Wojnar

The Showtime network specializes in niche adult shows like Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, and Kidding; these shows might have trouble finding an audience on mainstream networks, or even something like HBO, but they are right at home on a network comprised of misfit programming with audacity to spare.

After five seasons of House of Lies, Don Cheadle is gearing up to star in another Showtime original, Black Monday. Based on the real-life 1987 event in which the international stock markets unexpectedly crashed, throwing Wall Street into a panic, the show balances lighthearted comedy and cocaine-fueled sensibilities with foreboding drama and a timely message about the cyclical nature of these financial disasters.

While the tone and characters of House of Lies were a bit too slimy for general audiences to enjoy (especially following the real-life financial disaster of 2008), Black Monday is much more approachable thanks to the broad comedic chops of Executive Producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The series really leans into its 1980s aesthetic, which heightens its reality while remaining (loosely) based on true events.

In addition to Cheadle, the show co-stars Andrew Rannells (A Simple Favor), who is an underrated charmer who elevates all of his projects, as well as the beautiful and talented Regina Hall; long known for her comedic work, she recently experienced a surge in popularity thanks to her award-winning performance in the heartwarming comedy, Support the Girls, one of the most acclaimed indie movies of the year; it was even singled out by President Barack Obama as one of his favorites of 2018.

Following their recent trend, Showtime is releasing the first episode of the series for free on YouTube, ahead of its proper release later this month. Black Monday debuts on January 20; until then, stream the pilot episode for free in the window above!