Atlanta: Robbin’ Season

"Everybody gotta eat."

BY: Zak Wojnar

Atlanta debuted in 2016, but due to star Donald Glover‘s busy schedule, a follow-up season was delayed… Until now. It’s likely for the best; although Glover was fairly well-known due to his role on the cult NBC sitcom, Community, his star is blowing up right now because he’s playing Lando Calrissian in the highly-anticipated Star Wars spin-off film, Solo.

Anyway, Atlanta won audiences due to its seamless mix of comedy and drama. Set in Atlanta, Georgia (obviously), the series follows Glover and his friends as they navigate the rap scene of the area, which for many, is the only way out of the ghetto squalor they were born into. Packed with equal doses of honest sincerity and surreal humor (remember black Justin Bieber?), Atlanta is a TV series with few peers, and is another secret weapon in FX‘s roster of genre-defying programming.

Season two is subtitled “Robbin’ Season.” This is a reference to the real-life phenomenon in the area (and many areas across the United States). During the holidays, just before Christmas, the crime rate spikes. People carry more money, are encumbered by boxes containing gifts for loved ones… They’re easier targets. It’s unique, depressing, and bleakly humorous, the perfect match for Atlanta‘s quirky sensibilities.

Atlanta: Robbin’ Season debuts March 1 on FX.