10 Shows For 2019

From Game of Thrones To The Crown

BY: Zak Wojnar

The new year is finally upon us, and 2019 is already shaping up to be one for the record books. Streaming services are bigger than ever, with Disney and YouTube making ambitious plays into the territory being held by Marvel, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, cable networks are catching up with provocative series of their own which aim to compete with the best of high-end streaming. They say we’re in the golden age of television; and that doesn’t look to be changing in 2019.

Game of Thrones

The final season of GoT is on its way, an unprecedented cinematic spectacle without peer. Season 8 is due to debut in April, and will consist of six feature-length episodes. It’s hardly even a television series anymore, but a miniseries event. All eyes are on HBO to deliver the finale the fans have been waiting years to see. Time will tell if GoT lives up to expectations.


David Fincher’s deep dive into the minds of those who dive into the minds of killers is returning for season 2. We don’t know when, but it will happen sometime in 2019. We can’t wait for more gothic adventures with Jonathan Groff and the great Holt McCallany, one of the most underrated actors of our time.

True Detective

Season 1 is an all-time classic, and season 2 was highly divisive, but hopes are high that True Detective’s season 3 will return the HBO anthology cop show to fame and prestige. With the secret weapon of Mahershala Ali, one of the biggest stars on the planet right now, as well as a storyline set over multiple decades, we have faith that True Detective will be a true game changer.


YouTube has slowly built a name for itself with shows like Cobra Kai and Origin, but nothing can prepare you for Wayne. The story of a teenage vigilante on a road trip to take back what’s rightly his (and beat up bad guys along the way), Wayne is unmatched in its punk rock sensibilities, black comedy, and beautifully heartfelt performances from Sing Street’s Mark McKenna and Red Band Society’s Ciara Bravo.

The Central Park Five

Everyone knows the story of The Central Park Five. New York City is a beautiful cesspool of shame, but few events are looked on with more regret than what this city did to those five innocent men who were wrongly convicted of heinous crimes, shame which was only heightened by the intervention of the legendary stupidity of Donald Trump, who took out full page ads in the paper to call for the death penalty on men who would ultimately be exonerated of all charges. Ava DuVernay is teaming up with Netflix for a miniseries dramatization of the story, and we can’t wait to watch it.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Star Wars Provokr

Disney is launching their own streaming service to compete with Netflix. The first big show on Disney+ will be The Mandalorian. Set in the Star Wars universe, this mysterious new series from producer Jon Favreau stars Pedro Pascal as a bounty hunter shooting his way through that iconic “galaxy far, far away.” Episodes will be directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, Taika Watiti, and Rick Famuyiwa, among others.

The Crown

Netflix’s multi-part epic returns for season 3 in 2019, with a time jump into the future of Queen Elizabeth II. Previously played by Claire Foy, the character will now be played by Olivia Coleman, who is currently white-hot off her Golden Globes victory, playing a different English Queen, Queen Anne. The plan is for Coleman to play Elizabeth for seasons 3 and 4, with a new actor taking over the role for seasons 5 and 6, the final episodes of the show.

Designated Survivor

This Kiefer Sutherland series spent two seasons on ABC before being unceremoniously cancelled, leaving a small legion of fans severely disappointed. However, miracles do happen, and Netflix stepped in to rescue the series, which will return for a ten-episode season 3 in 2019, exclusively on the streaming giant.

The Punisher

It seems the Netflix wing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is drawing to a close. With the unexpected cancellations of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, the writing is on the wall for the two remaining Netflix MCU shows. That being said, The Punisher isn’t going down quietly. Jon Bernthal’s devastating performance as Frank Castle recalls the best of Sylvester Stallone, bringing an equal mix of muscle and emotion. If this is The Punisher’s last appearance for a while, at least we know he went out on top.

Jessica Jones

Just a few years ago, nobody would have predicted that Marvel’s Jessica Jones would become a household name. She’s not exactly as popular as Spider-Man or Captain America, to say the least. However, times change, and Krysten Ritter’s evocative performance in Netflix’s MCU-adjacent show turned the relatively obscure comics character into a cultural milestone. Season 3 might be the series’ final batch of episodes, but hopes are high that Jones, as well as The Punisher, Daredevil, and the rest of the Netflix Marvel characters, might appear elsewhere in the MCU, such as Agents of SHIELD, original programming on Disney+, or even big-budget movies.