The Thomas Crown Affair


BY: Claire Connors

The tagline for 1968’s romantic crime drama, The Thomas Crown Affair read: He was young, handsome, a millionaire – and he’d just pulled off the perfect crime! She was young, beautiful, a super sleuth – sent to investigate it! “He” was the at-his-peak in hotness, Steve McQueen, and “she” was the recently discovered Faye Dunaway, fresh off her groundbreaking role as Warren Beatty‘s gun moll in Bonnie & Clyde. Dunaway and McQueen together was pure dynamite.

You’d have to search long and hard to find a sexier scene between two sophisticated adults, than the most erotic chess match ever filmed. The lead up to this moment is a fabulous game of cat and mouse. Rich and sexy Thomas Crown has just robbed a bank, a job perfectly planned and executed. Nothing will stop him from collecting the booty until Vicki, a ridiculously alluring insurance investigator, waltzes in with her perfect hair, stylish clothes, and long lithe body to solve the crime. She absolutely knows who done it, all she has to do is seduce a confession out of him. Check mate.

After Crown has clearly lost the game and met his match, he pulls Vicki into his arms and says, “Let’s play something else.” They definitely play “something else.”