Soft Focus

Li Hui's Teasing Lense

Image: Li Hui

BY: Jes Zurell

Li Hui’s photography teases the viewer with her feathery touch. Her work is erotica for introverts, the kind of touch that raises goosebumps on your skin. Delicate, tender, heartfelt and hungry, her point of view as an artist aligns with films like I Am Love and paintings like Marilyn Minter’s.

She reminds us that the quietest whisper is every bit as sexually charged as the loudest climax–not that it’s a competition.

“Echoes in the darkness, slow movements, how the winds touch the waves, the shape of the trees after a strong wind, thick clouds in the sky before a storm, magical lights, all the things around me; nature and animals always give me new inspiration,” she told Metal Magazine. “My love for music and paintings inspires me as well.”

She’s fond of double-exposures and soft, natural light. She leans into her subjects’ creaminess, their supple limbs and the nimbus of their fingers. Those of us who prefer their erotica on the rough side may feel irritated just from looking at her work, preferring a rougher hand, but for the shy little kittens out there looking for artists with kindred kinks, Hui is your heroine.

Don’t worry, baby. She’ll be gentle.

Check out this selection of her work. Take your time. She’s all about that slow burn.


nude photograph by li hui


image of an Asian girl sucking her thumb by Li Hui


image of a girl going commando by Li Hui


fingers touching by Li Hui


asian girl with a bouquet of flowers by Li Hui


asian boy in his underwear by Li Hui


closeup of young woman in lace underwear by Li Hui


lovers knees by Li Hui


lovers with foot fetish by li Hui


double exposure of an open mouth and a girl dancing by Li Hui


double exposure of a girl skinny dipping at night


double exposure of li hui


lovers embrace in their underwear by li hui