Slightly Disturbed

The Wonderful World of Tyler Shields

Image Above: Tyler Shields; Cover Story Image: Tyler Shields


Tyler Shields is a photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles. His work seems to lean toward controversy and be ruled by provocative impulses. He has somehow neatly digested influences from Weegee, Larry Clark, and Alfred Hitchcock and he has become a masterful photographer and filmmaker of carefully constructed diverting images and captured daring moments.

We chose photographs from his very addictive IG page. The collection he curates on Instagram has a lovely, twisted sensibility and we adore it. His films are equal, if not exceeding his photography, in eroticism. Check out Tyler’s films Touch and Tyler Shield’s Quotes which you can see below. He said of his work in the Hollywood Reporter, “There are going to be people who don’t like things that you do, and that doesn’t matter. As much as I don’t make sense to them, they don’t make sense to me. And I think that is awesome. I think it is awesome if something can be polarizing.” We do, too.

He has had two books published of his work, Provocateur and The Dirty Side of Glamour, which are just the right components to start a slightly dark and provocative conversation on a rainy day. His prints, which are highly collectible, are available from Guy Hepner in New York City. So put on a Tyler Shields lens and look for the quietly dangerous, the gloriously disturbing, and the achingly beautiful…just for an afternoon.

Photographer Tyler Shields Photo of a young man holding a switch blade against his face

Photographer Tyler Shields Photograph of a couple kissing with paint dripping down their faces and hands

Photographer Tyler Shields photograph of a young girls face covered in large band aids

Photographer Tyler Shields Photograph of Cute Boy Wearing a Bow Tie and Tuxedo Jacket with his arms and hands behind him and women's hands coming from the back holding on to the jacket lapels

Photographer Tyler Shields Photograph of a Women's Face Dripping Paint

Tyler Shields Photograph of a Young Couple in a Bath Tub

Check out films below by Tyler Shields, “Touch” and “Quotes”