Sugar and Vice

The Lush Lens of Tyler Shields

Image: @thetylershields | Instagram

BY: Jes Zurell

If you love Marilyn Minter’s over-the-top paintings of glitter-caked women, sink your teeth into the decadence of Tyler Shields’s Instagram. His work cuts through a saturated photography field with all the brightness and freshness of a summer dessert. Screw chicken soup–he’s Key Lime pie for the soul.

Shields was in the public eye in June 2017 for his photograph of comedian Kathy Griffin cradling a faux severed head modeled after Donald Trump; he’s known for being a provocative photographer who likes to cross lines. His Instagram profile is a cocktail of behind-the-scenes shots, pet projects, and professional work, all bearing his signature sensitivity to chroma. It’s a synesthete’s wet dream.

The man makes color look edible. Every pop of red is juicier, every black more luxurious, every blue more crisp and peppermint than we ever knew possible. His compositions consider balance in the same way a gourmet chef might present a plate, knowing when to show restraint and when to go for the cream pie.

We invite you to savor this lush world through the lens of Tyler Shields. Consider this an eight-course meal, expertly plated by PROVOKR. May each photograph leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied and utterly spent.

Oh, and bring something to clean up with when you’ve finished.

All photos are the property of Tyler Shields, sourced from his Instagram, @thetylershields.


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