Sante Dorazio

Erotic Shots on Instagram

BY: Jes Zurell

Have you ever looked at a portrait and wondered what happened before the shutter released? What was said immediately after? What secrets were held by the room where the shot took place?

Every once in a while as we scroll our train commutes away, a true photographer catches our eye and makes us hunger for eye candy in ways we never knew possible. In that moment, a portrait is just foreplay and the abstractions in the artist’s profile give us the kind of full-body shudder-with-a-side-of-goosebumps that usually only comes from our favorite vibrator.

Now comes the part where you find out what it feels like to be aroused by color and imagery.

Sante Dorazio’s Instagram comforts and arouses like a great session of make-up sex – maybe it’s a good idea to indulge, maybe it’s not; maybe it’s selfish and maybe it’s short-lived, but damn does it ever feel familiar and flawless, and everything you need it to be. There’s just nothing like someone who’s memorized the map of your limbs.

His ambivert photography sways from portraiture to erotic abstraction and back again like a pendulum thrusting through the minutes of the day. There are effortlessly beautiful shots of celebs like Michelle Pfeiffer, Bon Jovi and Mike Tyson, and there are romanticized, painterly photographs of blowjobs and glory holes. He obscures the truth in his work one moment, then reveals his subjects rather innocently in others, and we can’t tell if he’s gaslighting us or just warming up our nether regions because he can.

Feast your eyes on this collection of images from Dorazio’s Instagram profile. We won’t judge if you suddenly need to go back for seconds, thirds, or fourths.


All images by @santedorazio.